The benefits of using an entertainment booking agency

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Looking for a booking agency you can trust

There was once a time when the only way one could book entertainment was through a booking agency. Most entertainers and celebrities used to book their dates this way. The internet has changed the way business is conducted in the industry. Many artists now include booking information on their websites, leaving many booking agents searching for new clients. The internet, however, also presents many risks in booking talent and has many second-guessing their decision to not utilize the services of a professional agent. For example, there are many unofficial artist websites, posing as the real deal. Doing business with them could quickly separate you from your cash with no way of knowing where to go or who to call to get it back. There are many “offline” examples of concert promoters losing their money by forgoing the services of a professional booking agency. For instance, some promoters will book dates through people who claim to personally know the artist, or has a friend who knows his road manager, bodyguard, etc. Some think calling the record company is the answer but I have personally been given bogus booking information from them too. I must admit; one has to be careful in selecting a booking agency too. Some of them will rip you off, if you are naive or inexperienced. So, what’s a buyer to do? And who can one really trust?

Finding the right booking agency

If at all possible, you want to work with booking agencies you know. If that is not feasible, a recommendation from someone you know and who has done business with the agency will suffice. Contact your local radio stations, newspaper entertainment writer, or venue managers and ask for a recommendation. Contact the agency of your choice and ask for referrals. Find out if they are licensed, bonded or affiliated with any reputable organizations that you can verify. Do an online search of the company’s name and the owner’s name.

Beware of fake booking agencies

The bottom line is, make sure you do your homework before you sign any contracts or send any deposits. And don’t think that signing a performance contract directly with the artist’s management company is a safer way to do book a show. If you find the contact information online, it could be a scam. Or, the management team has changed and the site has not been updated. Even if you find the right contact information, how do you know if you are not paying too much? In many cases booking direct can increase the chances of a “no-show” by the artist. And, your legal fees could cost more than your loss. By securing the additional gigs for the artist, the booking agency has the leverage to make most of them honor their commitment. It must be stated that no one can guarantee that the artist will fulfill the contractual agreement. However, you can increase your chances of a successful show by booking through a reputable and trustworthy booking agency.

Benefits of a good booking agency

Working with a booking agency provides the buyer knowledge, convenience and piece of mind. Plus, they can free up your time to work on obtaining sponsors, securing the venue, creating a marketing scheme, and all the other fun jobs that come with the responsibility being a promoter. Use their expertise to enhance the overall quality and experience of your events. Do your homework. Find the best agent for your promotion and go to work.

by Kevin Morrison (on Google+)
A booking agent for eJams Entertainment (a licensed booking agency since 2005)

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