8 Tips On Promoting A Low Budget Show


This bit of advice is for anyone trying to get into the promotions business but the cost of booking and promoting an artist seems too expensive for you right now.

  1. The first point is, if you think a $5,000 budget is a lot of money and that you should be able to book a top recording artist for that amount, I have some bad news for you. That may of been true 15 years ago but today that barely pays for hotel and travel expenses for many of the top acts. If that’s the kind of budget you are working with ($5,000-$7,000), you can get into this game but you have to really do your homework. You can actually get a nice deal for that kind of money, if you know what’s hot in the streets and in the clubs where you intend to promote the show. Radio spins are helpful but not a necessity. If the record is only being spun by the mix show DJ at the station, on the weekends or overnight (12 Am – 6 AM), it is a good sign of its potential. Other signs include the local video show playing the song (ask them to play it), or nationally syndicated video shows that features new music are playing it. If you have a record pool (an organization that distributes records to DJs to spin in clubs), get to know the record pool director and ask what new records the DJs are spinning.
  2. Don’t try and put an artist of this caliber in a huge club, unless you get a sweet deal on the rental. Start small. Pack the house and move on to the next level.
  3. Plan this event 4-6 weeks out. This way you can get the low price on the artist and have plenty of time to do your street marketing before the date. This also gives the artist’s record company 4-6 additional weeks to increase spins on the radio station.
  4. Make sure your flyer is the hottest looking one out there.
  5. Get the artist’s label (or work it out yourself between artist management and the on air jock or PD) to schedule a phone interview in advance of the date and an in-studio interview the night of the show.
  6. Offer the radio station tickets to giveaway one week before the show.
  7. Sell an in-store appearance to a record store or hip hop clothing store. Promote the opportunity to open for the headline act and charge them for the priveledge.
  8. Make sure there is no major show in the market the night of, and hopefully the night before and after, your event.

It’s all about marketing. There are lots of smart promoters out there who made money booking artists like Young Jeezy, Pitbull, and Akon (for under $5,000) during the early stages of their careers. Need assistance? Contact our office today. We specialize in working with new and first time promoters.


by Kevin Morrison (on Google+)
A booking agent for eJams Entertainment (a licensed booking agency since 2005).

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