The Use of Radio Commercials For A Concert Promotion

radio commercials

One of the most important parts of your promotional tour, nightclub appearance or concert is your radio commercial… It has to stand out over the competition. An inexpensive way to get your commercial produced is through the radio station which comes with your advertising package, or you can hire a professional voice over production company one in which specializes in your area of promotions. You have to ask yourself is my promotion, concert, or nightclub worth me paying an outside voice talent and production company. Well let’s look at the pros and cons.

  • Radio Stations are in the business of Advertising
  • Production Companies are in the business of producing commercials
  • Radio Stations may or may not have an adequate production studio
  • Production Companies must have an adequate production studio
  • Radio Stations do not designate a specific person to voice your commercial (thus you never know who is going to voice your spot)
  • Production Companies use only professional voice talents
  • Radio Station DJs are heard throughout the day on several different commercials not related to your project
  • Production Companies use various voices talents not familiar to your market (which gives your commercial a distinct sound
  • Radio Stations do not charge extra for voicing and producing your commercial
  • Production Companies charges various fees based on what you want in your commercial (Normal Cost is 150.00 up to 300.00) based on market size
  • Radio Stations do not have the time to produce an effective commercial for your promotion
  • Production Companies voice and produce commercials all day until they get your commercial the way you want it

Now lets do they math, If you own a nightclub, promoting a concert or having a special event and you expect 500 -2500 people to attend and you’re charging $ 15.00 to get in, the production company is only charging you $ 200.00 to produce a quality commercial for your event, guess what it only takes 15 paying customers to pay for your commercial, which is very minimal.

So you have to make the decision, is your event worth paying a professional voice-over company for a distinct commercial or do you want to just stick to the basics.


Al Twitty
Creative Director
Urban Voices


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