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technology in concert promotions

Digital technology and the internet has forever changed the way many people in our industry do business. Marketing, accounting, hotel and travel reservations, paying bills, research, online banking, selling your product/services, and having a website are some of the popular uses of the internet and the new technology. How tech savvy are you?

One thing is for sure. The less time you spend shuffling papers, faxing documents, mailing letters and making phone calls, the more time you’ll have for making more money or spending it on the golf course.

It’s amazing how the concert promotion business has embraced the internet over the past 3-5 years. You can find venues and the distances between them. Many of you use our online booking form to send us your offers. Artist managers can confirm our offers via two-way and emails. Radio and television commercials, along with, posters and flyers can be professionally designed on a home computer and sent to the appropriate offices. We now send the celebrity radio commercial drops to you via email as an audio file. And coming soon, eJams Entertainment will have a mobile phone and online video feature, to help keep you informed.

If you are serious about improving or maintaining your level of success in this business, discover what software programs are available to make your business better. Find out what your competition is using. If it’s making a difference in the market, you need to consider using it. The time is now to make the necessary investments in the technology and digital tools your company needs to thrive in a digital world.

by Kevin Morrison (on Google+)
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